A Complete Guide To YouTube SEO, SEO Tips & Tools!

YouTube SEO

Are you looking to start a channel on YouTube? Or already have a channel on YouTube. But struggling with YouTube SEO then this is the place where you will get the best solution.

Do you know YouTube is one of the second largest Search Engine? YouTube’s main objective is to keep the user more and more time engaged. And provide valuable content that they could spend more time over YouTube.

When do you ask people what are the main sources to get traffic on YouTube? The majority of people will say the YouTube search. Ranking on YouTube Search will surely generate great views for you. But is that the only place from where you get traffic?

Let me tell you the effective and major sources of YouTube from where you can get great traffic:

1)Browse feature 

2)Suggested video  

3)YouTube search.

Now let’s get started with our YouTube SEO guide. Things we are going to cover under this guide are- the major sources from where you get traffic to your YouTube, How to improve ranking, how to featured in top sources and top 7 SEO ranking pointers over YouTube and some bonus steps to keep yourself at top.

The important points to be considered before you optimize your video on YouTube-

1)Focus on a specific NICHE- it is a topic which you are going to talk about and have in-depth knowledge about the things present yourself as an expert.

2)Put content consistently- YouTube is one of the major competitive platforms in order to get success. You should be consistent while delivering content. Things like you post your very first post and second after 1month will never work now, you need to very actively get into the video creation business at the starting stage.

Some might say that we do not have professional tools, Does YouTube ever asked you to use only premium tools no right…All you need is a unique content the designing and recording can be even done through some free apps like Quik, inShot, KineMaster, etc.

3)Try to set a goal that to get 1000 + subscribers in one-month- the first month is very crucial for you in that month YouTube tries to build the relative connection between you and views. Once the algorithm understands people are finding your content helpful then the YouTube algorithm does the next thing for you.

4)Try to keep your content authentic- authenticity is very important people are bored with a similar delivering method and the same content so make sure to be yourself and deliver in your unique style. Work very hard on your very first Fever videos that will describe what type of content you have and what type of expertise you are having on the NICHE. While making content always keep in mind that what different/helpful or what unique you are delivering than others will make your user loyal to your content.

5)Also, set a goal that you should target 100+ subscribers from each video- promote your video on each and every platform. Use the sources, spread on the platform where you have a set audience already.

Top seven YouTube SEO tips to rank on YouTube

  1. Keywords- use the keywords in your title tag, description, and thumbnail. It is similar to Website SEO where you optimize your Title, Description first para, and Featured Image to increase the relevancy that you get rank on targeted keywords.

How to Optimize- Make sure you put your keyword at the beginning of Title, Put keywords in the first paragraph of the description, use your keyword as a tag and have the keyword in the thumbnail.

  1. Engagement- On YouTube Engagement is one of the major ranking factors, Engagement- Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share showcase the people’s interest and popularity in your content.

How to Optimize- Avoid casual saying like do not forget to subscribe instead say Subscribe so you will not miss my next important video which will be on XYZ and to get comment ask people to interact you can say- if you wanna know the tool name or if you want the in-depth video on earning platform comment below.

  1. CTR- Boost Your click-through rate is a key to rank on YouTube. 

How to Optimize- Use [brackets] and (parathesis) at the end of your title, it can be like [updated 2020 or step by step]. Go and analyze Title & Thumbnail of the famous Video which getting great engagement.

  1. Your video watch time- YouTube wants their user to spend more and more time. 

How to Optimize- Try to make a longer length video ideally 10 minutes plus video is good to get a Great watch time.

For the YouTube Monetization of your Channel, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hrs. watch time and that can only be achievable with longer length video. (Shorter length video like TikTok will never work over this platform.)

  1. Using tags-  in your YouTube video tags play a major role in YouTube ranking but what people do that people use various kinds of tags which actually confused YouTube and when there is confusion YouTube will never think to rank. 

How to Optimize- always make sure you should use tags that are relevant and have the keyword. The second major thing does not use tags that are irrelevant instead use few but which are similar(Synanymouse) to the keyword.

  1. Rank in the suggested video- It is from one of the major YouTube traffic sources when people think to rank on YouTube they thing to rank on search, but that’s not the only place on YouTube to rank as per some analytics and study suggested video gives you more click then search rank. 

Parameters to get into the Suggested Video-There are two main factors YouTube considered to rank on the suggested video:

1) the type of video viewer recently watch or the video you are currently watching. 

2)The history you have watched before.

How to Optimize- When you optimize your video with the same keyword that a popular video used and ranking. That really builds a great chance that your video gets rank higher in the suggested video.

  1. Optimize your video description- On YouTube description is and description will make a difference in your ranking. YouTube use description to rank your content. But many YouTubers and newbies instead of writing about content they write other things in description.

How to Optimize- Your Description should be a minimum of 100 Words.

Include targeted keywords in the first 3 sentences of the description.

According to famous YouTubers try to put your most important keyword at the beginning of the description.

Having keywords 4 times is more than enough.

Bonus Tip-

Find the Untapped Keywords- this technique will be the master Stroke. All you need to do is check your YouTube Channel’s analytics where you will see from which keywords your channel getting ranked and traffic from, where you will observe that some portion of traffic has come through some accidental keywords. That’s it make content on that and publish this will surely get a great amount of traffic on your channel.

You must be feeling confident enough now right… Applying these techniques will make a difference for you. If you still have any doubts about YouTube SEO feel free to get in touch with us. Or comment below, We will try to deliver the best solution for sure…

We SprouteMedia- Digital Marketing Agency believe in delivering the best and personalized solution. We understand some of you may struggle and some may never get time to implement all these techniques for those we have a YouTube solution plan Let’s Talk!

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